FIN Platform FAQ

What is CBT FINPlatform?

CBT FINPlatform provides easy management of Financial Messages (SWIFT FIN MT type ) for sending and receiving through SWIFTNet.

It is positioned between Back Office Applications and SWIFT Alliance Gateway (SAG), and acts both as integration middleware and a protocol handler for FIN and RMA.

Who needs CBT FINPlatform?

  • Banks / Corporates who need to exchange SWIFT FIN MT messages with their counterparts
  • Banks / Corporates that already exchange SWIFT FIN MT messages with other infrastructure components (SAA / SAE, Merva, IBM WBIFN, etc), and who are interested in reducing their costs.


Is CBT FINPlatform a SWIFT-certified product?

 CBT FINPlatform has been awarded the following SWIFT certifications:

  • FIN Interface (named as GGTFM FIN Interface)
  • RMA Interface (named as GGTFM RMA Interface).


Do I need to have an in-house SAG to use CBT FINPlatform?

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How can my applications communicate with CBT FINPlatform?

The communication between Back Office Applications and CBT FINPlatform can take place via:

  • File System
  • MQ / ActiveMQ
  • SOAP.

These modalities are the same as those used by SAA. Migration to the CBT FINPlatform enables Back Office Applications already linked to SAA to maintain their existing modes.


How can SAG communicate with CBT FINPlatform?

Communication between SAG and CBT FINPlatform can take place via the following methods:

  • RAHA (Remote API)
  • MQHA (requires an MQ licence)
  • Active MQ (requires connection to the TAS Service Bureau SAG).


Do my applications have to use the native format of FIN MT messages?

No. If necessary, CBT FINPlatform can perform format conversions. In this way it allows Back Office Applications to use their own internal business formats: CBT FINPlatform will take care of the appropriate transformations.


What does CBT FINPlatform provide to monitor traffic?

CBT FINPlatform provides a rich Web GUI (Infocenter) through which both business and technical users can receive all information regarding sent and received messages, both archived and on-line, in an aggregated or detailed form.


What features does CBT FINPlatform provide to operate on messages?

CBT FINPlatform provides a large number of features to operate on messages, including Data Entry, Validation, Approval, Forcing, Forwarding, Resubmission etc.


What features does CBT FINPlatform provide to manage the system?

CBT FINPlatform provides a rich configuration and administration Web GUI through which an operator can configure the system by defining workflow for execution of messages (routing, profiles, alerts, approvals , etc.) for all connected applications and/or types of message and/or counterparts.


What are the main differences between CBT FINPlatform and SAA?

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Can I replace SAA even though I'm using it to exchange data over SWIFTNet with Interact and/or FileAct protocols?

YES, by using additional components of the TAS Network Gateway suite:

  • File Manager module is required to use FileAct
  • a specific MESSAGE DICTIONARY related to the specific business solutions (eg.Funds) is required to use Interact.


How can I dispose of SAA ?


How can I migrate to CBT FINPlatform in an efficient and automated mode?

CBT FINPlatform provides a set of tools that allow easy import of:

  • RMA Permissions
  • Archive FIN messages
  • FIN messages templates

thus ensuring total continuity with the replaced system.


How long does it usually take for a migration / activation project?

  • For in-house projects: 4-6 weeks for small / medium customers. The duration varies depending on the complexity of the system to be migrated / activated (number of instances, number of applications to be connected, HW systems and/or DR, etc.). This period does not include the time required by third parties for activation of their services (eg. On-Boarding, MA-CUG, SCORE) and any time for customisations (e.g. format conversions)
  • For projects in total outsourcing (Service Bureau): 2-3 weeks for small / medium customers.


What are the HW/SW requirements for CBT FINPlatform?

CBT FINPlatform can be installed on the following platforms

  • UNIX (Sun Solaris, AIX, HP-UX)
  • Windows
  • Linux.

Both on physical and virtual servers.


CBT FINPlatform uses the following infrastructural SW:

  • Application Server:  JBoss
  • Database Layer:  Postgres
  • MQ Layer:  IBM WebSphere MQSeries (optional); ActiveMQ
  • Web Browser:  Google Chrome; Internet Explorer; Mozilla Firefox 


Is it possible to install CBT FINPlatform in High Availability (HA)?

The product can be installed in cluster mode Active / Active.


Is training provided by TAS? In what way ?

The training can be done either in-house or through remote web-sessions. It is addressed to both technical and business staff. The duration of the business training is normally one day.  The duration of technical/administrative training is normally three days.


What is the pricing model applied to CBT FINPlatform?

CBT FINPlatform is sold with a one time fee (licence) plus an annual maintenance fee.


Do I need to allow for additional licence costs to third parties?

CBT FINPlatform is completely based on Open Source platforms/components that eliminate the cost of any third party licence. The only exception may be IBM MQ, which is optional.


What is the Free Trial?

The free trial allows access to a test environment that is connected to the SWIFTNet. With this, you can:

  • Through your own browser, have full access to all features of the User Web GUI (Management of Logical Terminal and Sessions, Data Entry/Templates for message input, Operating Panels, Infocenter, Administration and Configuration)
  • Send and Receive messages through SWIFTNet
  • Optionally activate a VPN; you can also share folders and/or queues to exchange messages with your own applications.


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