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TAS Service Bureau: Payment Gateways

SWIFT outsourced connectivity

TAS Service Bureau

Using SWIFTNet for financial communications enables banks and corporates to reach thousands of financial institutions worldwide.

TAS Service Bureau is a complete, straight through processing solution that provides a secure single channel inter-bank and corporate-to-bank connectivity. The solution provides a unified platform and real-time access to current and past cash positions.
Outsourcing the connectivity to TAS costs significantly less than managing SWIFTNet access in-house.

TAS Service Bureau offers an entire range of value-add services that can be activated at the customer's request. The most recent additions to these services are full support of:

  • the SWIFTNet standard for funds, based on InterAct and ISO 20022
  • the Anti-Money Laundering filtering to prevent, detect, and report illegal money laundering activities
  • the Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard (EBICS) in standard HTTP with TLS encryption (HTTPS) over the internet

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