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TAS Group: connectivity and business services for networks without borders

Connectivity and business services for networks without borders

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Banking Technology interviews Alain Vansnick on Instant Payments

Alain Vansnick, Head of Payments International Business at TAS Group, shares insights on how banks can prepare for instant payments.
10 years SWIFT collaboration


SWIFT: A successful collaboration

TAS Group has been collaborating with SWIFT for more than 10 years, giving providing added value services and solutions for the international financial community.

  • SWIFT Certified solutions

  • SWIFT Ready Services

  • SWIFT Certified Experts

  • SWIFT Service Bureau, available in all countries through Italy, Brazil and France based Data Centers, is certified and compliant to the Minimum Operating Practice Level requirements under SWIFT SIP program



2015- Ripple is coming: and TAS is ready!

Real-time global settlement service

TAS supports Ripple, the new real-time global settlement everybody is talking about.

With TAS Network Gateway, it is easy and immediate to access Ripple world. Find out all the benefits of the most innovative funds settlement protocol and the right technology to implement them!

TAS + Ripple