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Cashless 3.0: Merchant & Acquiring Services

Payment acceptance networks for physical and virtual channels

Set-up, direct, incorporate and update payment acceptance networks with cashless 3.0’s full acquiring and terminal management capabilities for merchants, processors and acquirers. As traditional banking shifts towards interactive automated services, hardware and software providers must coordinate to guarantee high levels of security are maintain across new spending channels and services. cashless 3.0 exploits the latest innovations in the payments sector providing top-line growth and ensuring that systems are even more secure and reliable than before. Scalable for any size business and budget, cashless 3.0 uses a modular design making it flexible and adaptable as payment instruments continue to evolve.

cashless 3.0®

 POS Management

A complete server solution to accept, verify and route electronic payments on physical and virtual POS terminals. Leveraging flexible APIs and protocol conversion, cl POS Management integrates with many different POS and Gateway products in use allowing for centralized transaction processing. Latest POS models and payment technologies are already designated within the system, permitting a wide range of card acceptance possibilities: from magstripe, to EMV and NFC, as well as ecommerce 3D-Secure transactions.

TAS POS Management is a PA-DSS solution

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 ATM Management

Innovation at bank branches are a key touch-point to attract new customers and ATMs have the potential of becoming a fundamental revenue generating channel. In fact the latest generation of ATM terminals and kiosks not only dispense cash notes but also provide access to a wide range of advanced services like mobile and prepaid reloading, ticket dispensing and more. In order to oversee advanced services and centrally manage electronic transactions, TAS cl ATM Management offers a server based ready solution for all types of ATM terminals, as well as a multivendor client software completely independent from ATM hardware.

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The Next Generation in Payments


A mobile POS solution for merchants to easily and safely accept payments “on the go” from any type of payment card — domestic and international debit or credit, magnetic stripe, chip and signature, chip and PIN, or contact-less. Certified for EMV Level1, Level 2 and PCI, cl mPOS connects via Bluetooth to the most popular smartphones and tablets. It is the perfect tool for those who need to accept payments anywhere anytime ensuring the ultimate portability, mobility, ease of use and security.

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 Merchant Plug-In

Manages 3-D Secured payments authorizations through internet payment gateways. Working as a separate module, cl Merchant Plug-In helps to reduce risks and costs due to fraud and disputes related to Card Not Present transactions. The module is VISA and MasterCard certified to process "Verified by Visa" and "MasterCard SecureCode" online transactions. Designed to easily integrate with internet payment gateways and acquirers’ back office systems, cl Merchant Plug-In verifies and authenticates the identity of the cardholder carrying out the e-Commerce transaction.

TAS cl Merchant Plug-In is VISA and MasterCard certified