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Mobile Payments

TAS Group cashless 3.0 m-commerce and e-commerce solutions

Using smartphones and tablets as payment devices is a relatively new trend, however purchases through these technologies continue to grow three times faster than desktop-based e-commerce. More and more traditional retailers are keen on enriching their customers’ payment experience in-store and online, successfully catching up to e-commerce giants in both digital and mobile channels.
With TAS cashless 3.0™ Merchants and Payment Service Providers are easily reshaping their acceptance programs to better fit and boost business while providing faster, more convenient options to meet their customers’ needs.

cashless 3.0®


A mobile POS solution for merchants to easily and safely accept payments “on the go” from any type of payment card — domestic and international debit or credit, magnetic stripe, chip and signature, chip and PIN, or contact-less. Certified for EMV Level1, Level 2 and PCI, cl mPOS connects via Bluetooth to the most popular smartphones and tablets. It is the perfect tool for those who need to accept payments anywhere anytime ensuring the ultimate portability, mobility, ease of use and security.

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 HCE (Host Card Emulation)

Virtualize your payment card and never have to show or swipe it again! Through HCE technology it’s possible to implement apps and digital wallet services for smartphones that use virtual, cloud-based cards for NFC-POS payments. Transactions are based on ready-to-use, disposable and preloaded tokens delivered to the handset via wifi or 3G, avoiding the need for a secure element to reside on the smartphone. TAS cl HCE solution activates NFC mobile based payments on contactless acceptance devices creating value and convenience in the customer experience.

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 Merchant Plug-In

Manages 3-D Secured payments authorizations through internet payment gateways. Working as a separate module, cl Merchant Plug-In helps to reduce risks and costs due to fraud and disputes related to Card Not Present transactions. The module is VISA and MasterCard certified to process "Verified by Visa" and "MasterCard SecureCode" online transactions. Designed to easily integrate with internet payment gateways and acquirers’ back office systems, cl Merchant Plug-In verifies and authenticates the identity of the cardholder carrying out the e-Commerce transaction.

TAS cl Merchant Plug-In is VISA and MasterCard certified

 3D Secure

Certified by VISA and MasterCard, cl 3D Secure performs vital functions within ecommerce transactions giving issuers the ability to authenticate cardholders during an online purchase and reducing “card not present” frauds.

TAS cl 3D Secure is certified VISA and MasterCard. 

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