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TAS Group is specialised in software solutions for electronic money, payment systemscapital markets and Extended Enterprise. It has been listed on the Italian Stock Exchange since May 2000.

Italian  market leader for card management, payment networks access and order management, TAS also operates as key partner in the international market, acting through its subsidiaries: TAS France SASU, TAS Helvetia S.A., TAS Iberia S.L.U., TAS Germany GmbH, TAS Estern Europe d.o.oTAS USA Inc, TAS Americas Ltda, and MANTICA ITALIA S.r.l.. 

TAS Group serves major commercial & central banks and the main Financial Services centres in Italy and Europe, and the main global broker dealers of the Global Fortune 500.

In recent years TAS Group has diversified its offerings and today its solutions are adopted in the Italian Public Sector (Ministries, Regional Government and other Local Bodies) and by Corporates.


Over 100 million Cards managed internationally

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Present in 7 countries, with over 150 clients in the world


The biggest payments carrier in the entire Europe

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Over 100 financial institutions use TAS capital markets solutions

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Certified for Conformity to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

ERP solutions adopted by large utility companies and public sector entities

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